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The Second International Competition of Wines for Fish

The International Competition of Wines for Fish is now at its second edition although in truth, the competition has existed for many years. The “SelezioneVini da Pesce” was created in the 1960 and for 12 editions was only open to Italian wines. In 2012, the competition was opened up to International wines and the name changed to the “International Competition of Wines for Fish”. When it was created, the competition was conceived around the two elements which, even today, render the competition unique: the intrinsic link between wine and the sea. From one edition to the next the competition grew, gradually expanding its admission criteria to include various types of wine. Upon its creation, the competition was open only to still white wines but recent editions also allowed both sparkling and rose wines, a relfection of how the competition, just like wine itself, is able to respond the the world around it, growing, changing and evolving. In 2012 however, the competition became international as wines from outside Italy were admitted. With a proportion of the samples being produced outside Italy (white, rose, still and sparkling wines which conform to the definition of the O.I.V. International Code) came the need to increase the number of International journalists and oenologists on the judging commissions to reflect international tastes and expertise. For a long time the Istituto Marchigiano di Tutela Vini held the reins over the competition and last year officially took the role of organisers. As in previous editions, technical and operational support was provided by the Association of Italian Oenologists and enotechnicians. The numbers of samples has progressively increased over the years with a representation from across the Italian peninsular. In 2012, many of the medal winners were in fact international wines with medals being awarded to German, Portuguese and … wines.

Save the date: deadline for registration 6th May!

The Sea and Wine

The Riviera del Conero acts as a meeting point between Water and Wine. It was the sea in fact which inspired the creators of this competition and, even after 50 years, the sea adds the ingredient to the competition which makes it unique: FIsh. A food of historical importance and versatility. If wine is able to express a land, water is able to hold many stories. Participating at the International Competition of Wines for Fish signifies guaging oneself against a precious and collective heritage: the culture of the sea. Just like water, this first edition is fluid, it percolates into many countries and into many methods of wine-making. These are then compared and interpreted by those who earn their living form the world of wine.


Across the different subsections of the two categories ”still wines” and ”sparkling wines”, the wines will be evaluated using the method of the Union Internationale des Oenologues. A diploma award will be given to all wines which gain at least 80pts. From these, for each category, gold, silver and bronze awards will be given to the wines with the highest scores. Medal-winning wineries may then have stickers to apply to their production of that wine.
The winery which gains the highest points with wines in 3 different categories, all attaining 82 points or more,will be awarded the ”CaliceDorico”.

Vi informiamo che quest'anno la Selezione Internazionale Vini Da Pesce non si terrà.
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